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Dr. Ashley D’Cruz

A distinctive approach to Patient Education "They exhibited a deep understanding of the subject by providing necessary information to the public. I could see the well-researched information and medical expertise in the advertorial that is comprehensive, ...

Shashikala Venkatraman

Unique services with proven expertise - Shashikala Venkatraman Strategic Advisor - Marketing & Brand Communication Vikram Hospital Bengaluru

Dr. Raja Selvarajan

Renowned scientific expertise for research publications. - Dr. Raja Selvarajan Consultant Physician and Diabetologist Apollo Sugar Bangalore

Abhilasha Srivastava

Clinical newsletters- Innovative and effective way of reaching target audience. - Abhilasha Srivastava Manager Marketing Corporate Marketing and Advertising Manipal Health Enterprise Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Dr. Suhel Hasan

Patient Advertorial- Incredible results with the team of medical experts. - Dr. Suhel Hasan Senior Consultant - Department of E.N.T. Narayana Health City Bangalore

Soumen Banerjee

Building the brand identity- The clinical and creative amalgamation! - Soumen Banerjee Manager (Branding and Communication) Narayana Health City Bangalore

Madhur Gopal

Outstanding Quality of Work - Madhur Gopal GM Marketing at Manipal Health GroupManipal Health Enterprise Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Dr. Komal Prasad

Patient Education - Simple, focused yet informative. - Dr. Komal Prasad Senior Consultant – Neurosurgeon Neuro Surgery Narayana Health

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